A True Story of Hope and Thanksgiving

A short and sweet story of hope and thanksgiving

A few weeks ago I cut my morning shower a few songs short and rushed to work with excitement in my heart and a bag of the best class party snacks in my hand. I couldn’t wait to see the look on my students’ faces when I take their books off the table and give them their favorite treats!

I waltzed into class swinging the bag in front of me “Ta da!!!!” – grumpy faces….
Again. “Ta da!!!!” – nothing…..
“Aren’t you happy?” – “Teacheeeeeerrr…..”

Their lips were hanging so low, I could mop the floor with it. Except complaints, they couldn’t get a sound out.
My heart dropped…I am blessing them with a class party today, why aren’t they happy?

I threatened to give their snacks to the other class. “If you just say ‘thank you Teacher’ just once, Teacher will give it to you!” – Nothing, but three 7 year olds with such depressing frowns, they could all use some snail eye cream.

“This feeling sucks,” I thought.

“Is this how God feels if we don’t thank Him enough? I will NEVER let God feel like THIS.” “Never!!”

*** a few weeks later ***

I set my disappointed heart aside and went to the snack corner. “They will probably not appreciate it, but I love them, so let me just treat them one last time before they graduate.” and I bought a snack bag that could even satisfy an American child.

The moment I opened the door and they saw I have a mysterious yellow bag in my hand, a choir of “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TEACHER!!!!” hugged my ears!”

I was stunned to say the least. “You’re thanking me? You actually took my words to heart about always thanking? I can retire as a teacher now, my job here is done….” I almost cried. Every little jelly baby I gave them, they exclaimed “thank you soooo much Teacher!”

Ah, this is wonderful. My heart melted and I just wanted to give them more and more and more treats and fun activities.

“Teacher, we’re so happy.”
“Me, too. Me too. “

Ahhh. I realize. This is the love and joy of thanksgiving.

I wonder how many things God has done for me today that I haven’t given thanks for yet… I am determined to find every single one and thank God until His heart explodes.

Thanksgiving is love.
Is hope.
Is blessing.
Is true joy and happiness.


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