Top 23 ZERO CALORIE foods

Disclaimer: This article is directly related to living in Korea. Sortof. Kinda. Okay, not really. Just read and enjoy already! 

We’ve all been there. You want to lose weight, but you’re not up for the hunger games. Well, I present to you the top 23 ZERO CALORIE foods that you can eat as much of as you like without having to change clothing stores!

If you read NOW, you’ll have your dream body in NO TIME!

Top 23 ZERO CALORIE foods

  1. Any leftovers, especially after a birthday or a holiday
  2. Food you eat off of other people’s plates
  3. Leftovers you brought home from a restaurant
  4. Anything that fell on the floor
  5. Cold pizza the next day aid5903743-728px-make-chocolate-cake-with-ganache-step-3
  6. The snack you eat while looking for a better snack
  7. Testers in grocery stores
  8. FREE food
  9. Snacks at functions
  10. Actually, any canapé ever, for that matter
  11. Birthday cake
  12. Those crunchy burnt cookies
  13. Raw cake or cookie batter
  14. Pancake flops
  15. Soulfood
  16. The restaurant meal you ate halfway before finding a hair and getting a new plate for free. We all know that first one never happened.
  17. Restaurants mintseff013181cb13e87e53a624a3291a536
  18. Restaurant desserts
  19. Anything eaten at a restaurant
  20. Theater popcorn
  21. Anything eaten when sad
  22. Those 10 spoonfuls you ate out of the serving pot
  23. When you’re a waitress and your rich customer didn’t touch the seafood platter he specifically requested to be served on his arrival. You dive in that sea of free food!

There you have it. If you only eat from this list of foods, you can throw your weight watchers menu out of the window. Eat zero foods, have zero fat! Scientifically proven by very scientific people. Who wish to stay anonymous. For very scientific reasons.

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