Bowl&Bottle, Salad/Cold-Pressed Juice

When you live in Korea, you can only think of kimchi, kimbab or Korean barbecue and chances are there will be a restaurant with these foods right next to you. Craving fresh salads in the city? You might have to look a little harder.

I’m a salad girl. A ‘sit and write in a coffee shop for hours and order a salad when I get hungry’ kinda girl. Living in Daejeon, South Korea, I had to become a ‘sit and write in a coffee shop for hours and remember to pack snacks to sneakily eat when no one is looking’ kinda girl. I missed my write&salad outings that always made me so happy.

I was looking for the golden bowl of salad at the end of the rainbow and I finally found it! 

Bowl&Bottle is a sweet little salad and juice place situated in the busy Dunsan-dong. They serve fresh salads and 100% pure fruit&veg juices.

I had the salmon salad and it was absolutely perfect! I also tried the 100% pure kale, spinach and apple juice and it was surprisingly sweet and really delicious. I even bought a second bottle to take home. There are a variety of other juice combinations too. I can’t wait to try every single one of them! They have a good variety of salad combinations and are even willing to swap out ingredients to serve you your ideal salad.

Wifi – check. Fresh interior – check. Great salads and juices – check. Happy salad girl – check.


Salads: 8,900 – 10,900 won
Cold-pressed juices: 7,000 – 7,500 won
They also have open sandwiches, orange/green grape juices: 3,500 – 5,000 won

Location 13124726_1530578700582679_3323610573808217156_n

If you’re walking from TimeWorld Galleria towards Emart, then you will see the B&B sign across from the newest Starbucks (not the one next to TimeWorld). It’s between TimeWorld and Emart. It’s slightly hidden in a small alley opposite the Starbucks. The address is 1003, Dunsan-dong.


I spent a good four hours in this tranquil haven and will definitely go back to try everything they offer. This salad girl has found her happy place in the city. ^_^ 



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