Seven Factory, Daejeon

Seven Factory – the highest you can get in Daejeon…legally. 

Usually when there is such a big hype around a place, you get your hopes up and then the place can’t possible live up to the unrealistically high expectations set by Valencia filtered instagram posts – not Seven Factory. Seven Factory doesn’t disappoint on any level.

To state the obvious would be to say that the place has an amazing view. To try and do it justice would be to say that it is absolutely @efj#g4g$Gejn45!!! I didn’t realize that Daejeon was THIS beautiful and so green!! Seven Factory has a really nice open outside area where you can look down and follow the curves of the river or watch the flow of the traffic. I find it so relaxing just watching the heartbeat of the city.


The inside of Seven Factory is also really cool. It’s very open with a high ceiling and a few different areas on different levels. It’s trendy. Artsy. Stylish. On the one side there is a closed off quieter area with a more tranquil atmosphere. I would say Seven Factory is the perfect location for any event. You can go alone and chill, study, work or read, meet someone for coffee or even have a bigger social gathering in a group.


Their menu is varied with the usual hot and cold drinks and a beer list. They also serve some snacks and a really tempting cheesecake. For only 2000won you can go crazy at the snack bar where they have big jars of pretzels, caramel popcorn, peanut butter filled pretzels, cheesepuffs, cookies and jelly sweets. I miiight single handedly be responsible for the sudden popcorn shortage.

I would DEFINITELY recommend going to Sevens Factory. Just keep in mind that there are two different Seven Factories in the same area. The other one is closer to the Yuseong Homeplus and it’s  a completely different, but also interesting, visit. This Seven Factory is closer to Chungnam University.

WHERE? –> Walk up in the big main street in Yuseong Spa area towards the Chungnam University gates. You will find Seven Factory on your left on the corner just before the river runs underneath the main street.

This is a map indicating both Seven Factories. The one of the 15th floor, is the one on the left.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 8.31.30 PM.png


Here is a photo of the entrance: 20160924_175930


For more information, please visit the Seven Factory website here.


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