The shortcut to your pixie

Today I marched into MOD hair salon in Dunsan (Daejeon, South Korea), armed with a bad print job of a Frankie Sanford picture, and confidently announced, I’m here to get a pixie cut. My brave statement was greeted with a confused group of Korean faces. I uttered my go-to word in these hopeless situations – “english?”


Thank goodness! There is someone who can speak English! I explain to her exactly what I want and she decodes it to the Korean stylist. I am going to get a pixie cut for the first time by a hair stylist who won’t understand any of the following safety words: “stop”, “no, really stop”, “getting scissor happy”, “ffs that’s enough!” or “there, now I look like the boy who called me a lesbian when I was 7, happy?”.

However, regardless of whether I was about to turn out looking like the 1920s film star I hope I was in a previous lifetime or my dog on a rainy day, I was happy. Getting a pixie cut is exciting in itself, but truly being so ready for this drastic step and really not having my inner joy depend on the length of my hair is truly exhilarating.

I really did my homework, though. However, no article can prepare you for this. Gosh, I am making a pixie cut sound like getting pregnant. So, here’s a list of the only 10 things you need to know before getting a pixie cut.

Should I get a pixie cut? The only 10 things you need to know. 

  1. Yes, you should.

If you’ve been thinking about this for some time and you’ve even taken the time to read this article, then yes. Do it. Get it out of your system. If you discover that pixie is your IMG_20160215_123134
thing then great! If you don’t like it then at least it’s out of your system. And hey, hair grows back 😉

2. Face Shape

I believe there is a pixie cut for every face shape, but let’s be brutally honest. Just like everybody can sing, but not everybody should sing, everybody shouldn’t necessarily get a pixie cut. If you have a round as a rice cake face, then maybe you might want to reconsider as a pixie won’t do anything to lengthen your face. However, there are hundreds of websites with pixie cuts for every face shape, so determine your face shape and then google away! It is the most exciting thing finding your cut. I have a heart shaped face with a forehead big enough to broadcast the super bowl on, so I went for a side swept fringe cut.

3. Be emotionally ready.

Be sure that you’ve reached a stage of inner peace and happiness where your confidence really comes within and doesn’t depend on you hair length. That way the outcome really doesn’t matter in comparison to the liberation of just chopping it all off. However, there is a ‘but’. If you feel like your IMG_20160215_123128confidence depends a little on your appearance and you want to change that, then maybe a pixie can help you achieve that. Just know that you might hate it at first, but that’s when the inner journey starts and that can be something truly beautiful. Someone once told me that if you don’t like your haircut, work on your personality and your hair will catch up.

4. Get the right stylist.

To be honest, chances are that it won’t turn out perfectly on the first attempt anyway, cause you’re still figuring this cut out. However, it is important to get the right stylist. Any accomplished stylist should be able to do a pixie. Just don’t go to some salon in the country side or let your beauty school drop out niece do it for free, cause you feel sorry for her.

5. Document it

Remember to take before and after pics as it will take you quite some time to take a long hair photo again.

6. Don’t overthink it.

If you want a pixie, then get it. “But what if I don’t look good with short hair?” Well, how would you ever know if you don’t try it? Besides, life is short, so what are you doing not having the haircut that you want?

7. I’ve got the pixie, now what?

I’m sure everyone has a different experience, but this was mine. To be honest, I didn’t really know if I thought it was going to turn out good or not. I was just so thrilled with not caring what anyone else thought, that I just wanted to do it. It feels amazing!!!! And there is so much that you can do with it. Hello headbands.

8. Goodbye dead ends.

Quite literally and figuratively. Getting a pixie is like going on a holiday. I feel like a new me! I feel so energized and new and happy and ready to do anything! Also, my hair is super healthy.

9. Maybe she’s born with it….maybe it’s – that cheap dye she could afford.

Since your hair is so short, you can really abuse it. You can color it any color you’ve always wanted to try and then if it leaves your hair really damaged, then snip, snip, snip and do it all over again. Hooray!

10. I know everyone says this, but freedom.

It feels truly fantastic to just do it. I feel so light and free and I can finally stop worrying about losing every single bobby pin and elastic I’ve ever bought. AND my shower finally looks like I’ve learned to remember to remove hair after every shower and my pillow doesn’t look like a cat bed anymore. I wake up every morning excited to play with my hair again. Just for the joy this haircut has brought to me, I would recommend it to anyone.


So, you’ve already spent like 10 minutes reading a post about getting a pixie cut…are you gonna waste some more time by not getting one?










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