Happy New Ye…wait, again?

Today was a wonderful day! This morning I got on the school bus to pick up the kids when I got the best surprise. All of the kids were dressed in their traditional Korean wear (Hanbok) and it was beeeeautiful!

When I got to the school, they even had a Hanbok dress for me as well. I was ecstatic! We spent the whole morning sitting pretty around a little table rolling sticky rice cakes called Injeolmi in bean powder, playing games and enjoying traditional Korean music and instruments.

The reason for these festivities is in celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year. A lot of the people in Korea (mostly older) still follow this calender. Along with the above mentioned celebration, they also have a tradition where the kids carry little decorated pouches around for the elders to put money in for them. You can imagine the excitement around this! “Teacher, Teacher, look! 1 000won! Me get from Grandma!”

I can’t describe how cute they looked in their dresses and cute head pieces. They looked so proud. And they have reason to be. Korea is so rich with cultural heritage and the confidence with which they showcase and practice it is inspiring.

I spent my New Year’s Eve on a plane this year, so I’m planning to make the most of round two. Crazy excited!


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