Hello from the other side

Tomorrow marks the first month of my Korean journey. On my first night here, I sure as hell did not think I would reach this mark so quickly and with so much happiness. I left my acting career, friends, family and boyfriend in South Africa on a mystical New Year’s Eve adventure. Somewhere between time zones I think I skipped the “3…2…1 Happy New Year!”, so a part of me still feels like it’s 2015. I know my body had no cooking clue what time it was for at least the first two weeks. I never thought jet lag would hit me, so that bitch showed me why people pop pills to avoid her.

So why am I sitting here writing this blog? Am I trying to avoid Sunday blues? Yes. Am I craving some writing time? Yes. But that’s not it. Since I’ve got on that plane to Korea, I have learnt so much that I just have an overwhelming urge to share all of this crazy, mystical Korea weirdness! Even if my only reader will be 95 year old me reminiscing over my impulsive 20’s and that time people still used computers.

My first few posts will mainly be about:

  • Angels in Korea
  • The food!!!
  • My day
  • Our Acting Company

Somewhere in that mix, I’m sure my lurking (ridiculous) existential crisis will stick out it’s zitty little face, but after a few insightful bus rides, I am not ‘bovvered’.

So far, Korea has been an absolute roller coaster of super highs and super lows and everything in between. I have already discovered so much about life and myself that I can’t wait to share. This was the first little step. I can’t wait to see where I am going to leap to in this next year.

Here we go!

Hello from a -17*C South Korea.


2 thoughts on “Hello from the other side

  1. Hi there! I’m a South African student and I’m really keen on heading over to teach in South Korea next year. I get really excited and then really nervous about it, so I actually found you on Instagram and saw a link to this blog. I absolutely loved this blog, it got me fired up and ready to just take the leap! Your time abroad so far looks and sounds incredible. I cannot wait to join 😁 Thanks so much for helping me gain more courage to do this! The fact that you are South African really helped ‘seal the deal’ . Love love love! The blog xx


    1. Hi Natalie 🙂 Thank you very much, I appreciate your kind words. I’m really glad I could help, I love helping people take the leap. It really is an amazing experience. I’m in my 7th month and I still think it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Yes, there are many highs and many lows too, but the highs most definitely outweigh the lows. You’re going to see so much and grow sooo much. It’s worth it 🙂 Keep checking the blog to stay updated and then I’ll see you next year 🙂 Thank you xxx


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