Angels are stalking me here

Since I’ve been here, my faith has grown so strong. Like any paranoid mother, mine prayed 24/7 for my safe arrival. On my first flight to jhb I sat next to a kind lady who didn’t snore and did numerology readings for a living. She told me that whether I am an actress, waitress or teacher I will always be in service of some kind. I don’t believe in astrology or numerology, but after crying nonstop for more than an hour, my heart felt peace and my overactive mind felt at ease. For once, someone spelled it out and I liked it.

Landing in Jhb, I met a guy boarding for the same plane to Dubai as I were. Together we battled the Jhb airport and found our flight. Landing in Dubai our paths parted and I felt a bit sad. His name was Charles and he went to visit his girlfriend in Singapore.

Landing in Korea, no one could’ve prepared me for this highly organised chaos. Suddenly, out of NOWHERE a kind Korean girl who speaks fluent English started talking to me and eventually helped me with everything from getting my luggage, filling out security forms, exchanging money to getting on the right bus and then, she too, disappeared.

Our bus stopped for a quick loo visit and there I found the weirdest “toilets”. You squat like a true South African “veltie” (squatting in a bush to pee). How strange?! I’ve now realised that Koreans have got some serious squat game. You see them squatting while having a cigarette or trying to get their legs warm. You know, cause chairs…for who? When I turned back to the bus, the bus started driving away. I ran screaming after it and luckily it stopped and I was reunited with my bags. My heart still stops when I think of that moment.

In my first week I triumphed the Korean ice cold winter without a jacket. Imagine sitting in the freezer wearing only pajamas. I searched relentlessly, but I was too poor to afford anything, so I decided to rough it. Then, my eye caught a tiny little shop and, being a secondhand store addict, I just knew that I was at the golden gates of heaven. There, I found three jackets for less than I would pay for one and they were wonderful! The ladies in the shop dressed me like their little western doll. We didn’t understand one word we excitedly exclaimed to one another, but we were so happy. It was like a movie. When I told my mom, she said with a teary voice, “praise the Lord, I prayed all day for this.” I felt so humbled.

Another angel here is the principle at my school. I have so many examples, but I have prayed for a good principle and I’ve been blessed with such a caring and understanding one. One day I was tired and a bit homesick and she took me out for dinner. She constantly makes sure I am okay and frequently thanks me for my efforts which is not very common here. One night my toilet flooded and to put it lightly, it was a shitty situation. I called her and she came straight to me after sitting in traffic for more than an hour on her way home. I feel so taken care of here. It’s like anything I need, I can just pray for and know that somewhere around a corner an angel will pop out and sort me out. I’m speechless.

I will never again wonder whether God really exists, cause there is no way this is luck. This is what happens when you trust and just let God do His thang.

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