Girl, who you?

Passionate writer, actress and lover of life exploring South Korea as an English teacher. Blogging about everything I learn and experience on this amazing journey.

Where do I come from and why am I here? 

In 2014 I finished my hons. degree in Theater Studies in South Africa, majoring in Cabaret. Being absolutely in love with the performing arts, I worked in the theater industry in South Africa for a year. I loved it! However, as an actress in South Africa, you might know your lines, but you will never know where your next paycheck will come from.

This is really exciting until you realize that your bank does not think patience is a virtue when it comes to paying off study dept. So, where do you go when you kinda need some cashdollar, but actually reeeeally just want to spread your wings and experience something completely different? KOREA.

So, I packed my favourite books and other essentials and came to South Korea as an English Teacher. I want to be 30 one day and look back at my 20s and know that I LIVED. That I didn’t take myself too seriously and explored all the great opportunities that was staring me blankly in the face. Here’s to living spontaneously and embracing 20freedom.

Also thinking about coming to Korea? Wish you had a friend who could give you all the inside info?

Well…now you do 😉

unnamed: dinieisherrealname



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